DJe is NYC's Hottest Rollerskating 5/02/2017
OMG what a GREAT skate day we had on Saturday!! To quote you guys, "e's on fire today" "had to change clothes 3 times" "he wore my a$$ out"  &  many a "thank you"

There are times when you realize that skating in Central Park would not be possible without the help  &  support of many people. These people volunteer their time to move, setup equipment  &  they do it because they love what we do. To see ordinary people transform into joyous souls through skate dancing  &  music is such a powerful thing. We tell the story of how joyful people make the world go round. I thank each  & every one of you for your help  &  support.

Thanks, Love You All, DJe
DJe is the Best Rollerskating NYC 4/24/2017
OK All you Skaters  &  Dancers,  DJe is back in Central Park this Saturday April 29th from 2:45 to 6:45 pm for a HOT Day of Music,     Fun  &  Sun. Come on out and enjoy the sounds of DJe and the CPDSA.  

See you there with your Skates  &  Dancing Shoes!!

DJe is NYC's Hottest Rollerskating 5/02/2016
Well the skating season is off to a SLOOOOOOW start, but the weather is turning warmer and the music is about to get much HOTTER !!!, which means that Saturday May 21st is the date to be at the Skate Circle.  We start at 2:45 pm and run till 6:45 between the Bandshell Promenade and Sheep Meadow.  More info is available on the CPDSA website. 

So if a 4 hour Jam Packed Spin Session is what you've been wishing for THIS is your chance to HIT IT!! 

 Look Forward to Seeing ALL of You,

DJe is the Best Rollerskating NYC 11/02/2015
For those who made it to the final skating day, Thank You!!!  It's always great to see all of you. It was a treat to play for everyone the last set with everyone "Funkin Hard On It". We couldn't have asked for better weather and everyone had a great time. 

I'd also like to thank all of the volunteers that do all the hard work setting up and tearing down every weekend. And last but not least, Thanks to Bob Nichols for keeping the show on the road!!!

So until next year, polish those skates, keep on groovin' and make skating a part of your life.

Thank you,

DJe is the Best Rollerskating NYC 10/23/2015
The 2015 CPDSA Skate Season is coming to a close this Sunday, October 25th. It will be the last official skate day on the schedule with multiple DJ's playing.  Dress Warm and Scary if you Dare!!! It's forecast for 60 degrees and sunny which should be great. It starts at 2:45 and runs till 6:45, so get there early and have a great skate day!!!
DJe is the Best Rollerskating NYC 5/25/2015
Thanks for making Memorial Day Sunday a great start to the summer season. The day was perfect and all my skate family knows how to have a great time! Thank you again for all the Thank You's and the Love. It's why we love to skate.

Hopefully we raised enough money for a new set of speakers, ours have reached the final stages of their usable life.

So until our next get together, ENJOY!!!!


DJe The Best Rollerskating NYC 5/07/2015
DJe will be back in the Park on Memorial Day Sunday May 24th Drippin  &  Droppin some Up-Town Funk, a little Downtown Soul and that NYC Feel. I truly love to play for my skate family and anyone who enjoys what we do.

Memorial Day Sunday, we remember those who serve our Country and those who have fought for our freedom. We appreciate what you have done and continue to do for all of us.

One last note, it is also one of our Fund Raising Weekends. It's your donations that help us pay for permits and equipment costs. It's free to skate with us and $26.00 to join the Central Park Dance Skaters Association. Any tips you give go right to the CPDSA. Volunteers who are a part of the CPDSA donate their time, including myself, so what you give really helps a lot.

Like they say "It's Free But It Ain't Cheap"
NYC Rollerskating is Back with DJe 4/20/2015
I would like to thank everyone for your support and coming out to skate/dance on Sunday. Every Single Person who said Thank You to me really let me know how much you appreciate the work that goes into giving you a great Rollerskating Experience. I love Skating and Music!!!!  There's just nothing else like it!!!  All of you and what we do together does mean a lot to me
Thanks Again,
DJe is the Best Rollerskating NYC 4/16/2015
The CPDSA presents "DJe Layin It Down" on Sunday April 19th from 2:45 to 6:45 pm.
The warming trend is now upon us and a last minute change up put me in the box on Sunday, so put a little spring in your step and let's get those skates rollin'.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the skate circle for a sunny afternoon at the Best Rollerskating in NYC with DJe and the Central Park Dance Skaters Association.
DJe The Best Rollerskating in NYC 10/27/2014
DJe slams the door as the "Closer" and puts it on "Lockdown." Sometimes you have to Put-Up or Shut-Up! WOW!!!! What a Skate Party! A Throwdown like no other in NYC.

I would like to thank the CPDSA Organization, The Volunteer Helpers, My Skate Family  &  All the Dancers for all your support and help. There would be no party without all of YOU! A special thanks to Chris Burchsted, our new sound technician for giving us a system that can now "Take the Heat." I can't thank you enough!

We closed out the season with a full roster of DJ's playin' their stuff and it was a fantastic turnout for the final day of skating. Next year we will all get together and do it again, so until then Stay Warm, Be Cool and May God Keep You Funky!

Love  &  Peace Out!
DJ Throwdown Sunday October 26th 10/11/2014
Oh Yes, it's that time again, another skate season in Central Park will come to a close Sunday October 26th 2014.

I apologize for my lack of play dates this year, but other obligations have not made it possible. I WILL take part the the DJ Final this year and YES it is still the Halloween Closing, so dress how you little pumpkins see fit. Just don't forget your skates or dancing shoes cause I just may put a hurtin' on ya for the last event!!

Anyway, be there with bells on from 2:45 to 6:45 and maybe we can try to start early!!

To All My Skate Family
"Nothin But Love"

DJe is The Best Rollerskating in NY 5/06/2014
DJe is back in Central Park Memorial Day Monday 5/26/14!!  Looking forward to a beautiful weekend and The Best Rollerskating in New York City.

It's all about getting your skate time in on the Holiday Weekend and there's no better place than Central Park. People just diggin the scene and enjoying each other with music and skating.

Aaaah...There's nothin like it. I'll see you there!!!!

2:45 to 6:45 at the CPDSA Skate Circle.
The Best Rollerskating in NYC 10/28/2013
That was a skate party that will not be forgotten. Central Park was simply OUTRAGEOUS !! It is the Best Rollerskating !!!!!!

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your Love and Support. The feeling that gives me, there's just nothing like it. 
It was a Fantastic End of Season Skate, and you know we're gonna do it again next year.

Thanks Again
DJ e

The Best Rollerskating in NYC 10/20/2013
The season close is now upon us and the official CPDSA schedule will end on Sunday October 27th 2013 with the DJ Jam which features all of the DJ's who have played throughout the season. Start time is 2:45 pm and will end at 6:45. We are glad to bring you The Best Rollerskating in New York City and hope that you find an indoor rink in your area to enrich your inner soul. If or when there should be a big event I will let you know. Make skating a part of your life and you will find joy.

It's All Love,
DJ e

DJ e is The Best Rollerskating NYC 7/30/2013
Well we had a delayed start on Sunday but that didn't stop us from "rockin it out." I had a great time and all of you skated and danced yourselves to exhaustion. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and that's what it's all about.
Thanks for your support!!!!   
DJ e is The Best Rollerskating NYC 7/15/2013
When "e spins" you'll have to skate just to cool off. With the temperature already up this summer, DJe will be hotter than July. The CPDSA Skate Circle located in Central Park NYC will be groovin' on July 28th 2013 from 2:45 - 6:45 pm, between Sheep Meadow and the Bandshell.
"You Know How We Do!!" You'll be wobblin' more than the R Train to Queens. See you there.

DJe Bangin Out Another Memorial Day 5/28/2013
I would like to give everyone a Big Thank You for coming out yesterday to support the music and skating.  It was truly a
Fantastic day with much love at the skate circle.  Many of you
gave me thanks and expressed your joy, that means everything to me.                                                                                                            Much love to you all !!!                                                                                                                                                                                              DJe
DJe Memorial Day Monday 5/27/13 5/28/2013
The Best Party will be in Central Park Memorial Day Monday at the Skate Circle from 2:45 - 6:45 pm with the C.P.D.S.A and "DJ e Workin the Decks." Be There!!!  It's Gonna Be Great!!!
DJ e Opens the CPDSA Season 4/6/13 5/19/2013
Well everyone, it's opening weekend in Central Park. It's been a long winter and I know everyone is chomping at the bit, ready to get back to skating. The CPDSA has a good focus started for this year. I heard were going to have new t-shirts along with some fresh equipment to enhance our skate experience.

The CPDSA wants to have some ramps built for the equipment transfer and they are looking for volunteers. Anyone with woodworking experience can contact Bob Nichols at the CPDSA or you can leave a message on my site and I will forward it to Bob. THANKS!!

See you all in the park this Saturday.

Halloween Skate DJ Jam Sunday 10/28 10/23/2012
It's the last weekend of the CPDSA skate season and Sunday October 28th will be the DJ Jam Session. I'll be spinning sometime in the afternoon and you know "e" is gonna "bring it on home!"

PS Big News DJ e sets a national landspeed record of 339.339 mph and becomes the first New York City resident to be inducted into the Bonneville 200 mph Club. Google to search for Erics record run youtube and Eric Ritter World Finals youtube.

See you all in the Park!!
A Great Skate Weekend 5/28/2012
Thank you all for coming out for DJ Julio's Celebration. I wanted to give special thanks to all the DJs who came out and showed their support - DJ Mike Dominico, DJ Bobby Morales, DJ RC LaRock, DJ Alchemy, DJ Misbehaviour, DJ Rob Scott, DJ Jordan and DJ Q.                                                                                         
DJ Sky King and myself did Julio proud. Everyone I spoke to had a fantastic skate day and that's what it's all about.

Great Music = Great Skating

Thanks Again,  DJ e
Sunday May 27th Memorial Weekend 5/21/2012
Listen up, this is going to be a fantastic day at the park. I would like for all my skate family to be there and that includes everybody from RollerJam to the Roxy, Hotskates and the CPDSA Skaters.
I will not ask you for anything other than to show up even if it's only for a few minutes. I need you there at 2:30 and we spin until 6:45. It would mean a great deal.
Thanks&Love You All
DJ e
DJ Julio Memorial Day Skate 5/27/12 5/13/2012
A sign in book will be in the DJ booth which will be presented to Julio's immediate family to let them know how special he was to all of us. It is important that everyone who cared about him to sign this book for his family.
DJ Sky and myself DJ e will be spinning the music for Memorial Day Sunday from 2:30 to 6:45 pm and we will keep things movin, just like Julio would want.

Thanks and please attend even if only for a few minutes to sign his book.
Central Park Skate Circle Map 5/05/2012
To view the map, click on photo gallery, then click on album that contains the map. Click again to view a larger image.
A Legendary DJ - DJ Julio 5/04/2012
As many of you already know we lost our good friend DJ Julio in March. It's taken me two months to acknowledge this loss to the skating community, but please understand this was a tough one.
Julio was dedicated to his skaters. His music sets were consistently incredible and his mix made you feel like you were in love. If you needed to know how he did it, you just had to listen.

Julio was the DJ that made the Roxy what it was and why there was so much love for a nightclub that had a run for over 25 years in NYC.

Julio infused his love of music and skating with our family and all of us are indebted and grateful to him.

If it were not for Julio I would have never gotten my chance to spin at the Roxy or the Park, or to learn from the greatest skate DJ we ever had. I will miss my brother in music and in friendship. We all will, but he left his impression on a small handful of us and gave his passion, love and talent to his skate family. He is and will always be a legendary DJ,  DJ Julio.
CPDSA Skate Opener 4/7/12 4/07/2012
The weather is going to be great today with dj RC La Rock and Dj Russell  working the decks and tomorrow DJ Jay Stewart is spinning So Get Out and have some fun. 
DJe Finale at Central Park 10/22/11 10/17/2011
DJe is back on the Box, Saturday October 22nd from 2:30 to 6:45. The season is winding down and this is your last chance to skate to an ALL DAY GROOVE. So if you need to skate one last time this year, Now's the Time!!
The Skaters Need You
The Music Needs You
And I Need You
So Be There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DJe Heatin' up Central Park 7/17/11 7/10/2011
First I want to thank everyone for your compliments Memorial Weekend. As you know I'm a skater  &  it is truly a pleasure to give you a great skate experience.

So you thought it was HOT then, we'll be HEATIN' it up some more on Sunday July 17th. There will also be a celebration of my 25th Wedding Anniversary, so I hope all my SKATE FAMILY will be able to hang out with us and have a PARTY!!!!!!!

Bring your family, friends and hang out on the grass with a picnic for the day. And remember your skates of course.

DJe Memorial Day Weekend 2011 5/20/2011
DJe opens on Saturday May 28th with the summer kickoff party Hittin It Live Outside!!
Sunday DJ Julio is on the decks playing all your favorite skate tunes. And Monday wraps up with DJ Rikky Rivera.

That's 3 days of heavy hittin skate time. Come on out and enjoy the mix.

DJe Hit'cha Wit'da Fatness Baby! 7/12/2010
What do you get when you mix, a hot and humid day, a hot DJ and a Fat Music Mix at the skate circle?
You get skaters that look like you just ran' em through the rinse  &  spin cycle!

You guys worked it out Sunday and skated your ever lovin butts off. Thank you all for coming and for the joyful expressive complements.
But I'm not sure about the one of being kidnapped in a van and brought to a backyard BBQ to DJ for a Party in the Bronx. It must have been the moment, this guy was just so jazzed.                                

                      Thanks Again,
DJe Is Back In Central Park July 11 6/28/2010
So the date is Sunday July 11 from 2:30 to 6:45. If you have other plans the only thing I can say is Change Them!  Besides your legs, body and mind will have way more fun Skating. 

"Saturday Barn Burner" 6/10/2010
   Saturday's warm-up session started with a spark and turned into a complete "Barn Burner". We worked a nice groove together early, then had an impromptu performance from Soul, R&B Star Annette Taylor who "Rocked It Out Live" on the mic HOT!  Then I Hit the Burners' and Ended-up "Meltin The Wheels Off" everybody's Skates "Just Smokin"
   Not only was Saturday the start of the Memorial Day Weekend, but  as a group we are achieving something that is bigger than all of us. Connecting on a level in Skating and Music that is beyond who we are and it is just so Cool! 
   Many of you personally thanked me with handshakes, hugs and 
over the top comments of joy.  It was really unexpected and so very
gratifying. I did not know I made that much of a difference, It is truly Deep.
 "And Its All Because I Heard You Say "HeyHey" by Dennis Ferrer

                      Thank You All  
Memorial Day Weekend Skate-a-thon 5/25/2010
Saturday May 29th DJ e is spinnin in Central Park for all my skate people from 2:30 to 6:30 pm. Then were heading out to RollerJam at 9:00 in Staten Island where DJ Tito will be working the decks till 1:00 am. And if that wasn't enough, we'll be back in the park Sunday when DJ Julio will be mixin it up all afternoon till sunset.
Listen folks steroids are not legal, but if they were you would need 'em this weekend!
Many Thanks Skaters 4/12/2010
Had a great time spinnin on Sunday. Thanks to everyone for coming out and giving me all your positive support. It was great to see everyone again. Marion and Julio showed up and that was really cool. They are producing a weekly show about the skaters and their personal history relating to skating, which airs on Time Warner Cable. For more info on the show go to:
DJ e Is Back This Sunday April 11th 4/07/2010
This weekend is the official opening of the Central Park Dance Skaters Season and DJ e will be spinning your favorite skate tunes all day Sunday April 11th
It's been a long winter and were gonna have a great time being back together again to get our skate on. It will be sunny and the perfect temperature for jammin in Central Park. Look forward to enjoying the day with you all.

CPDSA Opening Weekend 4/02/2010
The Central Park Dance Skaters Season Opener is set for Saturday April 10, 2010. If you've never had the experience now is the time to check it out. All are welcome to skate, dance or just hang out and take it all in. It is one of the best ways to enjoy a weekend afternoon in Central Park. Some of the city's best DJ's spin here and a few heavys on select weekends.
Check the website for schedule. Skating starts at 2:30pm and runs until 6:30pm most weekends between April and October.
The Roxy Skate Reunion 12/08/2009
The Roxy Skate Reunion was a "Beat Thumpin Skate Fest" It was Great to see all of Roxy's best Skaters in one jam packed night.
The Energy was Electric, with so many familiar smiling happy faces,
and DJ Julio Spinnin' all night long.  The night held some of the best
Skating I've taken part in since the closing of our beloved Roxy and 
it shows that the Roxy has trained some of the best Dance Skaters
that I have had the pleasure of learning from. Hope to see all of you
at our next get together.

           Thanks and Happy Holidays
               DJ e

Labor Day Holiday Weekend Update 8/31/2009
RollerJam will be closed Labor Day weekend, But Don't Despair Central Park will be Hoppin' all weekend long, so your last summer weekend will be complete.
DJ e Spins This Sat June 6th 8/31/2009
Come enjoy the sounds of DJ e in Central Park this Saturday June 6, 2009 from 2:30 to 6:30. Bring your skates and have some fun with the CPSDA. If you don't skate come out and dance or bring a picnic and watch all the action from the hill. All ages welcome!
Outdoor skating with the CPDSA 5/23/2009
The CPDSA entices skaters in beautiful Central Park with a rotation of NYC's Best DJ's. Most weekends April through October. All ages welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Respect and collect your own trash. Volunteers and donations welcome.
Skating starts at 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Located on Skaters Road between the Bandshell and Sheep Meadow. Enter from the East Side @ 72nd St or from the West Side @ 67th St (Tavern on the Green).
For more info:
Indoor Roller Skating at RollerJam! 5/23/2009
RollerJam located in Staten Island is among the latest HOT SPOTS for skaters. Saturday night it's the place to be. Must be 21 and over, proper ID required. A full selection of drinks and snacks are available along with beer and wine. Doors open at 9:00 pm to 1:00 am. Other sessions during the week. Call for schedule 718-605-6600 or 236 Richmond Valley Road  Staten Island  NY  10309
DJe's Suggested Links
Central Park
NYC Roller Skate Club
RollerJam USA
The Central Park Dance Skaters Association